Ratings For Reviews

I decided to create a rating system for my reviews – not sure why I haven’t done it earlier. I was initially going to have some incredibly cool and ironic symbol to represent my 1 to 5 rating, but in the end, you got stars! Feel free to disagree.


Read it. Meh. Not recommend.

Little Star


Read the book and found some aspects okay. However, the book had some undesirable qualities and therefore will not be recommended.

Little StarLittle Star


Read this book and can say I enjoyed it. However, it was simply an enjoyable read. It lacked specific qualities to make it spectacular. I may or may not recommend this book.

Little StarLittle StarLittle Star


Read and enjoyed. There were qualities of the book that maintained my interest and kept me entertained. If it is a genre you’re interested in I recommend this book.

Little StarLittle StarLittle StarLittle Star


I read this book and loved it! Every aspect of the story was interesting and contained psychological realism. I found myself unable to put it down. I couldn’t wait to read more and find out what happened next. I would definitely rate this and recommend this book. This is one I would keep on my bookshelf.

Little StarLittle StarLittle StarLittle StarLittle Star

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