Hello? Hi, anyone out there…

Hi, so you found your way here, to my humble blog, maybe it was by accident (Most probably it was by accident).

I am a visual artist turned writer. I talk about my writing, other peoples books and occasionally I rant about – well, whatever needs ranting about – it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. I may not come here for days, or weeks at a time, I may blog a couple of days on the run – who knows…

I absolutely welcome comments from readers, but if you’re going to be offensive or abusive or racist or sexist – please don’t return.

I may use rude language occasionally, you may regard it as offensive – again – it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.


My Twitter page is:


I hope you enjoy my ramblings…










3 thoughts on “Hello? Hi, anyone out there…”

    1. Thank you Alan for your kind comment. I am sorry I have not replied sooner, I am so ITC slow! I have submitted so many stories to so many places, I am finding it difficult to keep track of things. Good luck with your writing/publishing.


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