I just wrote to say…

Good morning to all my followers
Good Morning Followers

How many Followers a blogger has is all relative. How many Followers actually read posts? How many bloggers and Followers communicate with each other? How current or ‘on trend’ a bloggers posts are may depend on the subject matter – lists, we are told, are always popular, but specialising in the life cycle of bugs may not be so much.

It is easy to write in a ‘bubble’. But I believe, as I did when I was a visual artist, that the post isn’t complete without an audience response (and that response may sometimes be silence!)

I am always delighted when someone comments on a post, or I get a new Follower – and I tell my husband – and he says, with not a small amount of incredulity – “These people actually go out of their way to ‘hear’ you rant and make inane comments? I get it daily without making an effort!”

So, to all of you who read my ‘inane comments and rants – a BIG Thank You! Some of you are reading via WordPress and have blogs yourselves, some of you are reading via e-mail, and some just trip over this nonsense accidentally…

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And everyone else not mentioned (because the WP page won’t scroll down!)



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