Need a Prompt? Visit Junebug…


Just a quick one today. I think this will be more relevant to the short story writers out there; novelists tend to get an idea and run, and run with it. If you’re a short story writer, you have to find new inspiration daily, weekly, monthly; whatever your writing speed and story length happen to be.

I follow this lady – Gretchen Dyson – who posts regular ‘themes’ to inspire writers. It may be a one liner, it may be a couple of words, but it can act as a starting point for something; and if you don’t like this one, she always has another on the way.

Thanks Gretchen.


Now go write!



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I'm a writer - or at least I am trying to be - a miscellany of genres, some published, some not. Hates pulses, litter, dog poo, noisy neighbours, our street, spitting, adverts, modern cars, yellow shoes, liver, and people who moan...

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