Response to, ‘Tools for Writers’

I just read the recent blog posting of Craig Hallam: Tools for writers: Do we need them?And had been thinking about this point for some time.

As many know, I am relatively new to this writing malarkey, and find myself being drawn to blogs/websites/social network posts etc. about this issue. How to write flash fiction, how to write a 100k word novel, how to …fill in the gap. I do find things like, how to set out your story for sending as a submission quite useful, but in the end, we have to learn on the job; as it were. I can tell a story (I hope), and my grammar ain’t too bad! But when people talk about specifics, I get a bit lost…verb moderators, prose and verse, head-hopping, blank verse, by-lines, a dead metaphor! What?! I couldn’t tell you what those things meant, I have to keep asking my fellow authors at Wirral Writers, I have to access the internet and search; which inevitably leads me to finding out about the lifespan of the British blackbird and I have wasted my writing time.

Anyhoo, I thought I would post what this procrastinator writer needs; tools of my trade:-




#1 Basket of papers, file, ideas, notelets, pens, cuttings etc.







#2 favourite notebooks – encourages one to keep stories in their own individual, gorgeous place (I love new stationery)








#3 laptop. Where the ‘work’ is done.








#4 CDs – we all need music to listen to whilst we work! (Current favourites includes the theme from The Living and The Dead, BBC, played over and over!)




#5 Food. The fridge is paid a visit on a regular basis, just to see if anything new has turned up in there!









#6 Fruit. Got to keep that brain active.





#7 Liquid refreshment. Gin preferably.








#8 The washing machine – don’t you just need to do some laundry when you should be starting that chapter?!






And so, if you don’t mind, I am off to photograph bees – you never know, I just might need photographs of bees sometime…..


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