Who has the time to promote their work?

I see it has been a couple of months since I last wrote on here – shame on me!

You know, when you write (or try to write!) sometimes the last thing you want to do, is write some more, sounds strange I know but bear with me.

As a visual artist, what I was interested in was art. I created art, I painted pictures. Although I trained as a sculptor, I had to adapt simply for the sake of time and space. We, my then boyfriend now hubby, lived in a  three up two down, with the landlord. Both artists. Making life-size sculptures was, as you can imagine, near impossible. So I decided to train myself in painting. (*Just as a matter of interest; I took my degree in the 80s – when no-one really taught you anything at Uni.)It might sound peculiar, but when you do an art degree, it is subject specific within the subject of art; so the painters painted, the printers printed, the sculptors welded metal, hacked at plaster and formed clay – and we rarely, if ever, crossed paths.

So I had to teach myself to paint. It was dreadful to begin with. I thought painters had to work in oils. What a tragic mess! I could draw well, but once the paint hit the canvas, it was a mud bath. Then I discovered these wonderful things called ‘acrylics’. Hear the opening chorus ‘Hallelujah!’ And I was away. I was very influenced by books too; ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov, ‘Nights at the Circus’ by Angela Carter, ‘The House of the Spirits’ by Isabel Allende. All fed my chaotic, colourful, fragmented mind-set. I painted every day, and I mean every day. Small A5 size right up to A0 size. Had exhibitions, formed an artists support group, sold some work, blah, blah, blah – yes you visual artists out there know exactly where we’re going with this. A sale of £300 a year ain’t going to feed you – so you get a job. You have a kid. Bye, bye time.



The point I am trying to make is; artists, writers, musicians, whatever creative type, do it because that is what they are good at, it isn’t a job, it is more a way of being. It is a particular form of communication that we use. I painted because I can’t write poetry. That was my language and I was fairly good at it. I didn’t want to go around promoting it. There was no internet then, all my images were on slides (now lost) or photographs (many lost) and so without touting your work, networking (I hate that word), getting out of your studio/bedroom/garret/whatever, no-one knows about you. You could be the finest artist in the world – but if you don’t make the effort to put it out there, who knows the work exists?

So, now I write, have been writing for just about 2 years now. And what do I know about promotion?! Squat.

I write nearly everyday. I have a job that takes up five days a week. My child is independent (almost), but now there are ageing parents and in-laws. When am I supposed to write about my writing?!

And that is what I mean when I said at the beginning,  when you write (or try to write!) sometimes the last thing you want to do, is write some more…

As an addendum to this, I am going to do some self promotion now. I had a lovely review on Amazon for my slender volume – Sticks & Stones. A collection of short stories based on witchcraft. The writer  has made some very lovely comments which I would like to share:-

“A compact collection of well-crafted short stories on the theme of witches and witchcraft. There are some graphic and quite uncomfortable stories in this collection, but the vivid use of language makes it a very entertaining read. For me the stand out stories include Passing On, a chilling and disturbing first person account of medieval a witch trial; the vivid and poetic Sticks and Stones; and probably my favourite, the heart warming tale, Rescuing Robert.” M. Wood  Sticks & Stones

If you are not a creative type, you may not be able to understand how much reviews mean to writers, and how uplifting it is when someone likes your work. It is a self-published book, so what? I wrote it, it’s my creation and this review makes me proud. So, if you want to get something for someone this coming Father’s Day; if he is a writer, give him a great review. If he is an artist; promote his work for him. If he sells online; help promote and Favourite his work. And if you want to be nice to me! Write a review of my stories!

I thank you



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Writer of fiction, sci-fi, horror and more. Painter of magic realism. Grower of cabbages and currants.

14 thoughts on “Who has the time to promote their work?”

    1. Many apologies for not replying sooner to you, Stuart and Amanda, shame on me (see shame post!) I sometimes forget that I need to actually look at how a post is doing to determine if it was any good!
      Again, I apologise for my tardiness


  1. Many apologies for not replying sooner to you, Stuart and Amanda, shame on me (see shame post!) I sometimes forget that I need to actually look at how a post is doing to determine if it was any good!
    Again, I apologise for my tardiness.


    1. HI, I’m sorry about my late reply, I noticed that WordPress has this plug-in that makes it’s own decisions on what is Spam or not! I have the same issue! Trying to write posts on other people’s sites that never appear. I am not sure what happens, or why it only happens on some sites – but it is incredibly annoying, so I sympathise. Thank you for getting in touch Dong, I really appreciate you reading my stuff.


    1. Hi there!
      I have been doing a bit of very late ‘spring cleaning’ on my blog and discovered your comment tucked away somewhere. Apologies for not replying. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I hope you still like what I write – it’s all a mad mix!


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