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Generally speaking, I devote this page to fiction. I am a huge fan of all genres of writing; mystery, sci-fi (including ‘internal’ science fiction), fantasy, historical, crime, children’s literature, horror and so on and so forth. I only write fiction. There is a whole world of books out there I will never have time to read; and this saddens me in my more melancholic, Louis de Pointe du Lac, moments.

However, I am being tempted to write a piece of non-fiction.

LUNA PRESS PUBLISHING™ are inviting writers to submit their thoughts on the portrayal of women  in fantasy and sci-fi worlds. Anyone familiar with these genres will be aware of the ‘either/or’ principle when it comes to fantasy women; either she has big (and I mean BIG) breasts, or she’s a minor character. I’m posting this here in case anyone is interested in writing their own piece for Academia Lunare; the academic branch Luna Press Publishing. Gender identity and sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction: do we have a problem? is the theme.

Open: 01/04/2016. Closing Date: 30/11/2016

Follow the link –!academia-lunare/cfd3



Featured image: Author’s own drawing of Pollyanna Carveth from “God Emperor of Didcot” by Toby Frost.


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