Rambunctious Ramblings

So I have been entering a number of online competitions and open submissions.

Rambunctious Ramblings is an online publishing company that does have some of the best ideas/suggestions for story prompts.

I have recently had one of my short stories accepted by them. It will be an online anthology/e-book available in 2016 – more when that happens. (Mine’s called ZIP)

There were some really cool variations of a labyrinth. Some that were horror, some fantasy, some a contest, others a love story. It was a fantastic change of pace from what I expected when I wrote the prompt. Below are the winners, each of them will be published in “Collective Ramblings Volume One” which will be published in early 2016.

The winner “The Walls are Alive” has been awarded a $50 gift card to Amazon. Thank you all for participating!

The Walls Are Alive
Wrong Turn


Follow the link for more information and to enter for yourselves.


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