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This afternoon, I read ‘The Devil Is Beating His Wife Today’ by Sandra McDonald. A beautifully bizarre tale that reminds me of the Russian author, Mikhail Bulgakov.

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Call for submissions: Apex’s Christmas Invasion


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If you’re a fan of SF, fantasy or horror, then you might be interested in this writing competition. The theme of this year’s annual Apex Christmas flash contest is CHRISTMAS INVASIONS.  The word count has to be under 250 words – this is a lot harder than you might imagine!

The deadline’s 16th Nov 2015. More details on the Apex site.

Sometimes the Sun Rises

Sometimes the sun rises and,

You’re filled with a warming glow and

Smile at passing strangers.

A babbling brook runs through your veins

Frolicking like children at play.

A glassful of tickling like hares skittering the meadow.

Vision bright as stars, crystal unveiled.

I see your hot gold, heart gold,

Mother’s arms around a child gold.

And against the laws of physics an umbilical cord unseen,

Ties me to you

Sometimes it is darkness

Your innards rent like a scud missile

A sour, wet blanket of bleak mid-winter

Freezing your tears before they emerge

(Ashes cling to those that do).

Insides collapse and tumble.

The terrorist lurks in cloudy folds,

Scratching, picking, stabbing, pecking the sore.

Lost time, flat-line, black bells chime,

No safety line to pull you to the shore.

And the unseen cord,

Ties me to you

But Sometimes, the Sun rises and,

Your cheeks shine with roses,

At the chuckle of an infant.

Joy like a swelling tide floods your limbs.

Wagging the dog’s tail.

Rolling of giggling piglets in the slippering mud.

Comfortable as a sausage in its skin,

I feel your tender warm, sweet warm

Lover’s arms around a dearest warm.

And against the laws of physics,

No matter how far away,

An umbilical cord unseen,

Ties me to you.